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Bio: bakery plant automactic dough dividing cutting machine divider
Dough divider Features
1. Elegant in style and suittable in structure.
2. Electric motor in famous factory for stable performance, high efficiency andsaving electricity.
3. The drum is made of stainless steel to keep clean.
4. Cute size, easy to move and clean
5. With single phase 220V or three phase 380V electric motor for wide usage. The voltage can be changed according your requirement.
Machine matain and note
Keep the machine clearn, do not be broke the travel switch. Every time to carve the bread, please according the needed weight, and calculate the total weight of the dough, and put the on the pan and press it to leveling, then put it on the worktable and carving. Do not pull out the pan, untill it is stop automatically.
power supply380V/220V,50Hz
samll pcs weight range30g~180g
machine size400*500*1300mm
net weight188kg
MOOHA, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bakery equipment and packing machines in China, now brings you the highest quality bakery plant automactic dough dividing cutting machine divider at competitive price. With consummate skill and advanced equipment, our employees can offer you high precision equipment with one year warranty. It is clean and safe, and energy-saving. Don't miss it.Dough Divider manufacturers
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